• Mountain Rescue Program

  • The Flight For Life Colorado Mountain Rescue Program is a unique resource for mountain rescue groups and SAR teams. 

    Flight For Life Colorado has had working relationships with mountain rescue groups in its response area since its inception in 1972, and values the service provided by the dedicated groups of volunteer professional rescuers.  Flight For Life Colorado strives to make available its resources in any way possible within its operating guidelines. Its helicopter fleet and pilots are chosen specifically for the highest performance and level of safety in the very challenging environments and altitudes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains all year long.

  • Mountain Rescue Operations

    Mountain Rescue Operations

    A comprehensive mountain rescue guide created to increase safety in the execution of SAR operations using Flight For Life Colorado's helicopters.

  • Rescue Deployment Program

    Rescue Deployment Program

    Established to assist mountain rescue teams with quickly deploying highly experienced and competent rescue mountaineers to a complex rescue scene.

  • Lift Ticket Program

    Lift Ticket Program

    A program designed to insert rescuers into the field, improving response time and reducing the need for rescuers to hike several miles into the backcountry.

  • Rotor Turning Protocol

    Protocol for Loading while the Rotors are Turning

    In many cases it might be necessary to load a patient while the rotors are turning and the pilot maintains power to the main and tail rotors.

  • Avalanche Deployment

    Avalanche Deployment Program

    A one-of-a-kind program with the primary mission of rapidly inserting an Avalanche Deployment Team to the scene of an avalanche accident.

  • Winter Helicopter Operations

    Winter Helicopter Operations

    Winter helicopter operations are very hazardous, and should be treated with great caution. Procedures used during summer operations must be modified in winter.

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