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Flight Nurses

The flight nurses at Flight For Life® Colorado are registered nurses specializing in emergency and critical care, as well as pre-hospital management.  A minimum of five years experience in high-level emergency or intensive care is required prior to being chosen for a position as a flight nurse.

In addition to standard certifications, they undergo intensive training to enhance their assessment skills and the performance of a wide range of invasive skills.  While some situations require consultation with a medical control physician, clinical policies provide a great degree of autonomy for the nurse.  Flight nurses have the skill and technology available to provide and maintain a hospital-level of care throughout the transport.

Flight nurses are capable of performing the following advanced procedures:

  • Endotracheal intubation, including "rapid sequence" (RSI) pharmacologic adjuncts, laryngeal mask airway (LMA) insertion, surgical and percutaneous cricothyrotomy.
  • Mechanical ventilation.
  • Chest tube insertion.
  • Central venous access and pressure monitoring.
  • Maintenance of invasive hemodynamic and intracranial pressure monitoring.
  • Complete ALS services, including maintenance of fibrinolytic therapy.
  • Blood product administration.
  • High-risk obstetrical care and neonatal resuscitation (NRP).
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump transport.

Meet the Flight For Life® Colorado Registered Nurses:

Lifeguard 1 

David Kearns
Clinical Coordinator
Noah Creaven Rich Fitzgibbon

Laura Harwood

Mary Joyce
Jeff Keller
Juris Lozenicins
Kristen Micklash

Melissa Rach

Ben Rider

Rachel Stavnes
Jeannie Taylor
Susanna Von Fange David White


Lifeguard 2

Peter Werlin     
Clinical Coordinator

Matt Bowe    

Maureen Maledon 

Dave Repsher

Heather Urish

Stacy Windisch


Lifeguard 3

Brian Hendrix    
Clinical Coordinator

Megan Hawbaker    

Tonya Kurtz  

Kimberly Paine

Kristina Reavis

Alethea Tafoya




 Patrick Wright




Lifeguard 4

JC Taylor     
Clinical Coordinator                 

Amber Breyfogle                   

John Huston  

Jayson Perry

Beverly Taylor     

Lisa Wagner     
Clinical Educator - South State

Lifeguard 5

Stacy Meredith     
Clinical Coordinator                     

Rhonda Edmonson               

Lydia Hill                                  

John Melser

Carrie Wassel

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