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Helicopter Landing Area Safety

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  • DO NOT approach the helicopter when the rotor blades are turning unless signaled to do so by the flight crew.
  • DO NOT run near or onto the landing area.
  • DO NOT walk behind the helicopter at any time. The tail rotor turns 3 times faster than the main rotor and can be difficult to see.
  • WALK with CAUTION onto the landing area when it's wet or icy.
  • STAY forward of the helicopter's skids, within the pilot's range of vision at all times.
  • DO NOT place or hold IV poles or bags above shoulder level in the landing area. Keep a watchful eye on monitoring equipment when loading or off-loading patients.
  • DO NOT open and close helicopter doors unless you are trained and familiar with their function.
Firefighters:  The approach hazards for the Flight For Life Colorado helicopter are 10 Liters of liquid oxygen on the right side baggage compartment behind the cabin, and up to 143 gallons of Jet Fuel (Jet A) centered under the rotor.


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