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How a 9-year-old helps with Flight For Life - Andrew Madayag earns a 7 Every Day Hero Award for helping raise funds for Flight For Life each year at his birthday party.

Take Off - Colorado-based Flight for Life, one of the world's most prestigious crticial-care transports, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. 5280, Health 2012

Speed the search: Flight for Life offers new avalanche search tool - Summit County's Flight for Life Colorado helicopter could be the second air medical device in the U.S. to be outfitted with an external beacon receiver — a powerful device that hangs below the helicopter to assist in locating avalanche victims.

Breckenridge: Flight for Life, search and rescue & ski patrol team up at weekend conference - The weekend of Sept. 17, Flight for Life, search and rescue and ski patrol organizations from all over Colorado came together in Breckenridge for a conference aimed at strengthening the partnership, expanding on and learning best practices and keeping lines of communication open between the two sides of emergency rescue operations.

Bonfils Blood Center - A Surgeon's Story

Behind the Scenes of Flight for Life


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