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Pilots and Mechanics

Flight For Life Colorado Fixed Wing pilots come from various backgrounds.  Several of our pilots have previous airline experience including, American Eagle, Great Lakes Airlines, Air Midwest, Salmon Air, Skyway, US Airways and United Airlines.  Others have flown scheduled freight routes for cargo airlines in the Rocky Mountain region.  Many were also flight instructors at one time.  All pilots are required to hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and have a minimum of 3000 hours flight time including Rocky Mountain experience.

Mayo Aviation uses Flight Safety International for all initial and recurrent pilot training.  Pilots visit Flight Safety twice a year for comprehensive ground and simulator training on normal and emergency operations.

Flight For Life Colorado helicopter pilots and mechanics are a diverse group with a common goal.  That goal is the safe accomplishment of our mission throughout the state, whether that involves transporting patients from a catastrophic scene to inserting an avalanche dog and team on a high remote mountain top.  No two flights are ever the same so we prepare for the inevitable changes that come with every mission.  Every mission begins with an aircraft that has been checked and maintained by our mechanic group.  Our mechanics average 22 years of A&P experience, 15 years working on the AS350 series and 7 years working for Flight For Life Colorado.  Some of our mechanics received their initial training through the military while others opted for civilian schools and training.  Regardless of the path that brought them to us, they are the backbone of our program as everything we do begins with an airworthy aircraft. 

The pilots that fly these aircraft average 29 years of rotary wing experience, 6,550 flight hours, 350 hours of night vision goggle time and have worked at Flight For Life Colorado for about 9 years.  Most of our pilots have military backgrounds with the diverse flight experiences that come with that profession.  Due to the location of our bases and the various missions we perform, adequate mountain flying experience is a mandatory job requirement.  Our pilots receive regular scheduled training and evaluation flights from the Air Methods Safety and Standardization departments. 

Rotor Wing Pilots & Mechanics

Rod Balak - Helicopter Aviation Manager
Pat Mahany - Helicopter Safety Manager

Sean Sebern - Base Manager Lifeguard 1
Rick McGuffin - Lifeguard 3 
Loren Courtney - Lifeguard 2

Gary Drotar - Lifeguard 1

Bill Bennett - Base Manager Lifeguard 3


Brad Luster - Mechanic Lifeguard 1
Dale Geanetta - Lifeguard 4 Rich Latour - Lifeguard 3
John Peterson - Lifeguard 2 John Astrup - Lifeguard 3

Matt Palazzolo - Base Manager Lifeguard 5

Ivan Kubeldis - Lifeguard 5

Todd Rossignal - Lifeguard 5

Ed Stenby - Lifeguard 5

Wayne Dickerson - Mechanic Lifeguard 5

Pat Martin - Mechanic Lifeguard 5

Fixed Wing Pilots & Mechanic

Josh Whitemore - FW Aviation Manager

Keith Worfel   

Zach Chamberlin - FW Mechanic



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