• Flight For Life Colorado Services

  • Flight For Life Colorado/Emergency Air Medical Transport & Critical Care Transport serving Denver Metro, Summit County, Southern Colorado & the Rocky Mountain Region

    Available 24 hours a day, Flight For LifeĀ® Colorado air ambulance and critical care transport services may be requested by any physician, ambulance service, fire department, law enforcement agency or search and rescue group. Our helicopters operate within a 120-mile radius of ourĀ five Colorado operations bases.

  • FFL Rotor Wing Helicopter


    Our helicopters are equipped as flying emergency rooms. The Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics are prepared to handle any emergency 24 hours per day. They primarily respond to two types of calls; scene flights and interfacility transfers.

  • GroundImage.jpg

    Critical Care Ground Transport

    The ground CCT's respond on interfacility transports for patients who a doctor has decided can be moved by ground, but need more care than a paramedic ambulance can provide.

  • Fixed Wing Airplane Flight For Life


    A fixed wing crew will respond on interfacility transfers that are too far away for the helicopter to fly to, or to areas where the weather is too bad for the helicopter to land (the airplanes have fewer weather limitations than the helicopters).

  • CommCenter.jpg

    Communication Center

    St. Anthony Communication Center handles the dispatching and communications needs for all of Flight For Life Colorado's services. Located at St. Anthony Hospital it is a full time dispatching, flight following, and coordination center.

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