• Lift Ticket Program

  • When a hiker is lost in the backcountry, Search and Rescue (SAR) teams are dispatched to find and rescue them. Flight For Life® Colorado works with many of Colorado's SAR organizations to help shuttle SAR team members into the backcountry. This Lift Ticket Program allows teams to begin searching an area without having to first hike several miles. While doing these shuttles, the helicopter will scan the area from the air to look for signs of the lost party.

    The Lift Ticket Program was developed by SAR members, county Sheriff's and Flight For Life® Colorado to safely shuttle in SAR members to help extricate an injured party in the backcountry. Then, the Flight For Life® Colorado crew can assume and give care to the patient and quickly take them to an appropriate hospital. The Lift Ticket Program:

    • May follow an Avalanche Deployment.
    • Requires a medical crewmember to be on board at all times.
    • Annual trainings are required.
    • SAR participants must carry and present an up to date yellow Lift Ticket to be shuttled into the scene

    Requirements and Role of the Search and Rescue Team:

    • Have a current Lift Ticket.
    • Approved by the Sheriff of the county.
    • Have the necessary skill, equipment and stamina to extricate themselves out of the field.
    • Extricate the patient.

    County Sheriff Departments participating in the Lift Ticket Program

    • Alamosa County
    • Boulder County
    • Clear Creek County
    • Custer County
    • Dolores County
    • Eagle County
    • El Paso County
    • Fremont County
    • Garfield County
    • Grand County
    • Huerfano County
    • Lake County
    • Mineral County
    • Park County
    • Pitkin County
    • Rio Grande County
    • Saguache County
    • Summit County
    • Teller County


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