• Physician Advisors

  • Our Physician Advisors play a critical role in directing our procedures and overseeing the care we provide.
  • Dr. Michael Brunko CMO

    Dr_-Brunko.jpgDr. Michael Brunko has been actively involved in critical care transport on a national level. He is the past president of the Air Medical Physicians' Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

    Having been at St. Anthony Central Hospital since 1991, he has been medical director for the Flight For Life program based at St. Anthony Central, and is only the fourth physician to serve in that capacity in the program's 36-year history.

    As chief medical officer, Dr. Brunko is responsible for the quality and direction of clinical care, research efforts, evaluation of patient care technologies, and he will interface with the medical communities served by Flight For Life Colorado.

    Jeremy DeWal MDlJeremy DeWall, MD, NRP, has been a Nationally Registered paramedic since 1998 with previously working as a full time paramedic in ground transport as well as a flight physician / paramedic with Flight For Life in Wisconsin. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee prior to completing his medical degree and emergency medicine residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2010. Dr. DeWall currently practices as a board-certified emergency medicine physician at Penrose - St. Francis Hospitals in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In addition, he is the medical director for over 25 EMS services ranging from aeromedical services, EMS education services, tactical EMS services, and urban and wilderness services throughout the Pikes Peak Region.  He is also the medical director for Pikes Peak Community College Emergency Medical Services programs and is a clinical faculty member the the University of Colorado Medical College.

    Dr. Sarah Kruger-Johnson

    Dr. Sarah Kruger-Johnson is an attending physician in the Emergency Department at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, and oversees the clinical practice of our crewmembers on Lifeguard 4, our Pueblo-based helicopter.

    Dr-Brian-Shields.jpgDr. Brian Shields

    Dr. Brian Shields, born and raised in Ohio, is the medical director for our Denver and Summit County bases, and oversees the clinical practices of our crewmembers at Saint Anthony Central Hospital and Saint Anthony Summit Medical Center bases. Brian was the former medical director of the Saint Anthony Central Emergency Room, before becoming the north state medical director in March of 2009.  

    Dr. David Hughes

    Dr. David Hughes is the medical director for our Durango base, and oversees the clinical practice of our flight crewmembers at Lifeguard 5.

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