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  • Flight For Life Colorado Fixed Wing Transport

    When the transport is beyond the range of the helicopter, or when weather precludes flight to a location, our fixed-wing aircraft are called into service.  Flight For Life® Colorado contracts with Mayo Aviation at Centennial Airport in Englewood and La Plata County Airport in Durango for two dedicated Beechcraft KingAir 200's.  This pressurized, twin turboprop aircraft is capable of instrument flight (IFR) at a speed of 265 nautical miles per hour (knots), and is used for flights of up to approximately 800 miles round trip distance. The pilots are all proficient in multi-engine and instrument flight.  

    Outfitted in a dedicated air medical configuration, the KingAir is capable of transporting any combination of two adult patients, one adult and an isolette, or two isolettes. On most flights, at least one family member is also able to fly along.

    The fixed wing aircraft routinely transports patients to destinations in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. For trips beyond the KingAir's range, Flight For Life® Colorado uses a Learjet 35. This aircraft is capable of speeds of 440 knots.

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