• Critical Care Ground Transport

  • Flight For Life Colorado Critical Care Ground TransportIn some cases, patients may need transport from one ICU to another, for specialized care. Flight For Life® Colorado's Critical Care Transport (CCT), known as "Terra One", is a specially outfitted ambulance, staffed by one of the adult team flight nurses and an R.T. or Flight Paramedic. Ground transport is performed roughly within a two hour drive radius of Denver; Cheyenne to the north, Limon to the east, Pueblo to the south, and Vail to the west.  

    Based at St. Anthony Hospital, Terra One is capable of moving patients while maintaining the highest levels of care.   Some examples of patients that are transported include cardiac patients receiving vasoactive, anticoagulant, or fibrinolytic infusions, mechanically ventilated patients, patients undergoing IABP therapy, or for any patient that needs continuous ICU level care en route.  

    Terra Two, is our CCT ambulance based at Summit Medical Center in Frisco, and is in service when Lifeguard Two is grounded by weather, and at night.  This provides the mountain communities with round the clock access to critical care transport, regardless of weather conditions.  Terra Two is operated in partnership with Summit County Ambulance, which provides the EMT and a paramedic to assist with patient care.

    The Newborn / Young Child Team travels via its own dedicated CCT ambulance, (Terra Three), and fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopter, twenty-four hours a day.  When circumstances demand, the helicopter may be used to transport the Newborn/Young Child Team to a referring facility to attend a pending delivery or provide emergency assistance, while the ground ambulance proceeds toward that location for the trip back.  A neonate may also be safely transported aboard the helicopter in a specially equipped isolette.

    In certain circumstances, several transport resources may be needed to to transport a patient to an appropriate destination.  Weather conditions may prevent a helicopter from reaching the scene or referring facility, or a mass casualty incident may tax all other resources.  In these situations, the flight crews will do whatever is appropriate to safely accomplish the transport.

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